“I believe the people of Contra Costa deserve to be safe in their communities and have experienced, unifying, effective leadership which is beyond reproach.”

Senior Deputy District Attorney


Why I am Running for Contra Costa District Attorney

Unifying and Effective Leadership

I am running for Contra Costa District Attorney because I believe the people of Contra Costa deserve experienced, unifying, effective leadership which is beyond reproach. I have served over two decades as a Contra Costa prosecutor and have been involved in our community.

During my 22 years with the Contra Costa DA’s office, I have tried approximately 70 jury trials including gang-related crimes, violent felonies, homicides and sexual assaults.  I have supervised the Homicide unit and the general Felony unit.  I currently supervise the Family Violence unit which includes sexual assault, domestic violence, and elder abuse. This experience makes me uniquely qualified to provide the effective leadership that the role of District Attorney requires.

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Public Safety

First, and foremost, people need to feel safe and be safe. The main roles of the District Attorney’s Office are to prevent and prosecute crime. It’s not about politics. I have the experience and institutional knowledge to put the correct people in supervisory positions who are qualified, capable, and share my proactive approach to assisting law enforcement and serving the community.

We will continue to hire and train the best prosecutors and change the culture of the office away from reactionary prosecution to a more proactive, crime strategies office. As we look for innovative alternative methods of increasing safety in our community, we must think outside the box for new ways of combating this persistent problem.

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Partial List of Endorsements

  • East Bay Times editorial board
  • United Professional Firefighters of Contra Costa County, Local 1230
  • Victim Advocate Marc Klaas
  • Every police officers' association in Contra Costa County
  • Contra Costa County Deputy District Attorneys' Association
  • Contra Costa County District Attorney Investigators' Association
  • Peace Officers' Research Association (PORAC)
  • Assemblywoman Catharine Baker
  • Supervisor Candace Andersen
  • BART Director Debora Allen
  • Former State Senator and Contra Costa County Sheriff Richard Rainey
  • National Asian Pacific Islanders Prosecutors' Association, Northern California Chapter

Campaign Events

Unanimously endorsed by Contra Costa County law enforcement.

News and Headlines

Paul Graves appears on KTVU after filing charges against a defendant who preyed on one of our communities most vulnerable members

Submitted by paulgravescamp… on Sat, 06/02/2018 - 15:03

After filing sexual assault charges against a caretaker who preyed on an autistic man, Paul Graves was interviewed by KTVU and discussed the gravity of such an offense.

Paul Graves responds to opponent's position that the death penalty shouldn't apply to people who murder police officers

Submitted by paulgravescamp… on Thu, 05/03/2018 - 08:59

In a recent forum, Paul Graves' opponent stated that the death penalty shouldn't apply to those who kill police officers because "it's part of the risk they take."  Paul Graves completely rejects t


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