About Senior Deputy District Attorney Paul Graves

About Senior Deputy District Attorney Paul Graves


Paul Graves supervised the Homicide Unit prosecutors, partnering with homicide detectives to increase its effectiveness, leading to a nearly 100% conviction rate. Paul Graves now supervises the Family Violence Unit, where his leadership has made him a recognized law enforcement community leader in protecting child victims and victims of sexual assault and human trafficking.



People v. Schoppe-Rico. Paul Graves convicted a gang member of the senseless killing of a member of our community. Paul Graves is a recognized leader in the fight against criminal gangs in Contra Costa.



People v. Aguilar. Paul Graves successfully prosecuted one of the first cases against an adult who gave a child a gun - who later used the gun to commit suicide. Paul Graves believes adults who give children guns need to be held accountable.


People v. Murphy. Paul Graves has led the charge in the county to educate law enforcement regarding how to investigate and prosecute cases of human trafficking. The Cori Murphy investigation resulted in five different victims of human trafficking being discovered and a sentence of thirty years in state prison.



People v. Hale, Barriere, Joy, Halbert, Carnero, Jensen. Paul Graves spent almost 200 days in trial convicting 8 different child predators in separate cases, earning one predator 325 years to life and another 120 years to life.

Over two decades of leadership and criminal prosecuting experience in our Contra Costa communities

Senior Deputy District Attorney Paul Graves is a dedicated Contra Costa County criminal prosecutor and public servant who has given his entire career to the protection of the people of Contra Costa County.

Paul has spent 22 years as a prosecutor in the Contra Costa District Attorney’s office. Across those two decades, he has experience investigating and prosecuting cases in nearly every criminal division and in nearly every community in Contra Costa County. He has been involved in prosecuting some of the toughest cases, from homicides to sexual assaults, to gang violence.

He has taken over 70 cases to trial, resulting in over 20 “life” sentences.

Experienced Leadership

Paul Graves has extensive management experience within the District Attorney’s office, having led and supervised various internal prosecuting units including the homicide team.  He currently serves as the Senior Deputy District Attorney in charge of Family Violence.  In that role, Paul directly oversees the Sexual Assault Unit including Human Trafficking, the Domestic Violence Unit, and the Elder Abuse Unit.

Strong relationships with local law enforcement

Paul believes that the ability to work closely and effectively with local law enforcement is the foundation of the effectiveness of any District Attorney.  He is in a select group of prosecutors who work with young police officers as an instructor at Contra Costa County’s Police Academy. He is considered an expert in search and seizure issues as well as other constitutional principles.


Paul was born in South Bend, Indiana and moved to Colorado as a child where his parents opened up a local bookstore.  Paul eventually went to high school in Long Beach, California, and graduated from Loyola Marymount College after receiving a baseball scholarship.

Paul married his college sweetheart and moved to Sacramento where he graduated Order of the Coif and within the top five students of his class at University of the Pacific’s McGeorge School of Law.  After graduation Paul sought out public service, and has since devoted his entire 22 year career as an attorney to the Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office and the people it represents and protects.

Paul lives with his wife and their two children in Contra Costa County.


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